Video Streaming Services

Monday 15th February 2021

CSCo Audio is pleased to announce the launch of COLLECTIVE LIVE, a new project bringing together five established companies to offer the best in video streaming and event production.

Each of the five is already well established in their own specialist areas: sound, lighting, décor and set, recording and video. Over the years, we have all worked together at various times delivering high quality professional events. With the demand for video streaming increasing, and the requirement for hybrid events (a mix of live and streamed contributors), we recognised a need to look at how we deliver our services, reduce duplication of effort and pool our skills and experience. This new collaboration will allow a more streamlined operation and cost-effective delivery to customers.


“For obvious reasons, 2020 was an unprecedentedly challenging year for live events, and 2021 is likely to be similar. But live events suppliers are known for their resilience and innovation in finding ways to make the show happen, and CSCo Audio is looking forward to an even closer collaboration with the other members of Collective Live to be able to deliver events of all kinds to clients and attendees in both the real and virtual worlds.”


The Collective Live website is at


Collective LIVE launch video